Good Form

31st October, 2013. 12:59am

Just finished the article for the full discussion of Good Form on OncePodcast. I know I ended late, and trust me I’m really trying my best to finish the article faster, but somehow I don’t know how else I can do a 2000-4000 word article in an hour or less. I started arranging my notes as soon as the podcast ended but I still finish late. It’s kinda frustrating but I really don’t know what else to do.

But can I tell you a secret? I loved it every time I finish an article. It makes me feel accomplished somehow.

Oh my gosh, Daniel offered me to do show notes regularly! I can’t believe I’m officially a OncePodcast and WonderlandPodcast author! 🙂

Now as for the salary… I have no idea. Yet.

Is he going to raise my rate? We shall see.





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