Forever Charmed

29th October, 2013. 11:46pm

I saw Witches of East End today. While it seemed interesting, I was kinda annoyed that 1. the exterior of their house kinda looked like the Halliwell Manor, and 2. I don’t like how they portray witches there. It’s like watching a bad rip-off of Charmed! And speaking of Charmed, I’m slowly realizing how bad of an idea a reboot is. A spin-off would be better, or a TV Movie special, but Alyssa was right, it’s too soon.

I like my hair today. It looks really great in the mirror.

Wait, what was I saying? Oh yeah, Charmed. I don’t know. I missed Charmed but with all the great TV shows on air right now, I’m afraid it’s gonna suck and fail. Plus, if they’re thinking of recasting the characters, they will just anger the entire Charmed fandom. I’m sure some will be fine with it, but a huge chunk of us will definitely not like it. I mean, come on, have some respect to the show we loved so much even after it ended. And while I miss Charmed so much, I also don’t want a cheap knockoff of the show or redoing it just because CBS can.






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