28th October, 2013. 1:55am

So tired. Still don’t have my internet connection back, but thank God my sister’s pocket wifi works during the Wonderland podcast and Once Upon a Time livestreaming; I was able to do the show notes today.

It’s also a good thing that I finished work early. I even manage to rewatch Forget Me Not before the podcast.

Once Upon a Time was, well, I loved it! Even though it was awkward that Emma kissed her son’s grandmother’s lover, the feels were off the charts! I was giggling like a ten-year-old girl when they kissed! I also love that Regina’s back in her old ways. I just hope that Henry didn’t throw that mirror away

My throat’s kinda hurting again, plus my Allergic Rhinitis is acting up as well, which sucks! I slept last night with my throat already kinda hurts and thought it would heal when I wake up but it didn’t so I took an antibiotic already after I had breakfast. It was kinda ok now, but I still have Allergic Rhinitis. I hate having a weak respiratory system.





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