27th October, 2013. 1:28am

Woke up because of the heat and hunger. I was soooooooo tired yesterday. My sis, aunt, cousins and I went shopping yesterday in prep for my cousin’s prenup photoshoot. I’m helping style them; the theme – vintage. We were able to find outfits for both of them, but I also bought a few of mine, including two gorgeous tops that looks like one of my Mom’s custom outfit. I’ll take a picture of it later and share it with you guys but for now, here’s the said outfit of Mom’s I was talking about:


I’ll fix this when I get to my laptop. Yes, I’m still using my sister’s pocket wifi. I’m still waiting for mine to be reconnected as I already paid yesterday. The f*cking telephone system says it will be returned within 3 working days. WTF?! They were so quick to cut my line but was so slow to restore it back. F*cking douchies.

Well, laters. I’ll try to go back to sleep now. Was hoping I could work early again (like 7am this time) so I can do Wonderland podcast by 6pm later. I really need that f*cking internet connection back!





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