19th October, 2013. 5:06pm

Saturdays are so boring. Without The Voice PH for me to watch, Saturdays became extremely boring.

I started reading Through the Looking Glass this afternoon. I only managed to read about 17 pages (so far) because I got dizzy with what I’m reading. I COULDN’T UNDERSTAND A THING. That chess game at the beginning confused the hell outta me; words just aren’t getting through my brain. I’d like to blame it on my lacking sleep, as I felt super sleepy just after a few pages. I do hope I would get to understand it the next time I’d try reading it from the start. Ugh. Where’s Ron Weasley when I need him the most?

It sucks when you can’t get someone out of your head. Sometimes, I wish that what happened in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is true; that you can erase someone from your mind including the painful memories. We could’ve had it all. He could have. But he shunned me. I know it shouldn’t hurt because nothing major really happened anyway, but it still sucks. And what hurts the most is I still think about it every once in a while. I know, boo me.

Ana texted me just now. She was asking if I know a lending company. She said her mom needs radiation and chemo therapy again. I wonder why? A few weeks ago, she told me that they rushed her mom to the hospital because she just collapsed. I have been asking for the diagnoses, but she didn’t say anything. I just wish her mom well. It’s hard losing your mom. It’s like ripping your heart out in half.

Gosh, I’m bored to death. I can’t read though because my mind absorbs no words right now. I tried getting some sleep but every time I close my eyes my mind would wander anywhere but the dreamland. Plus, it’s hot. Oh well.



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