18th October 2013. 8:48pm

It seems like this day has gone by without me noticing. My cousin, who is getting married in January 2014, just told me that their pre-nuptial photo shoot has been moved AGAIN to a weekday. Who the hell schedules their photo shoot in the middle of the week?!

Fine. It’s just me. First of all, I have work during weekdays. Second, they are scheduling it on a Wednesday. WEDNESDAY! It’s full discussion day at OncePodcast! I can’t possibly miss the show just for the shoot so I’m really hoping that they will still move it because I, for one, will not skip work just for that. Like, yeah, ok. It’s a family thing. But this is work and more importantly, this is Once Upon a Time we are talking about!

Once Upon a Time… Some people still can’t move on the fact that OncePodcast skipped talking about Mulan and Aurora’s “moment” in the Quite a Common Fairy episode. To be honest, I really have no idea why they didn’t talk about it. As I was writing the show notes after the show, I initially wrote something about it, but since they didn’t address it during the podcast, I edited it out. However, some people still can’t get passed through that. I don’t know. It’s two days before episode four and those people are still lingering on the third. Quite crazy!

Oh yeah, and I haven’t been halfway through my second task, which means I’m screwed. Sh*t.




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