17th October, 2013. 9:51pm

Woooooow. I can’t believe I finished working at the exact time. It’s been a few weeks since I logged out after exactly 9hours.

ABC Live streaming annoys the hell out of me today. I was watching Once Upon a Time in Wonderland when, all of a sudden, it got cut to some breaking news… Multiple times. Then went it went back, the show’s already finished! I didn’t even get to see half of the show! Ugh. Thank God there’s no initial reactions today or I’ll definitely be screwed.

I also found out that of the 5 links I got, 3 of those are ABC, then the other 2 are CW. Trust me, for a second I was tempted to watch The Vampire Diaries instead. I just didn’t give up with Wonderland. I hope it won’t happen on Sunday. I’d go ballistic if it did.

I hope my sister wakes up soon coz I’m starving already.

God, I need another haircut. I was looking at my hair and noticed the tips. Eek! Split ends are starting to show. Yuckie.

Speaking of my hair. It’s like snowflakes again, my dandruff. I don’t know what else to do with it. I’m trying soooooo hard not to scratch my head but it’s hard to resist sometimes.





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