17th October, 2013. 1:20pm

Oh, I forgot to share about my dream!

I dreamed about my Mom again last night. It was short. We were at our old house, having dinner (or just eating, whatever) and me, my sister, and my Mom are sitting together (Mom on the right, me in the middle, and my sister on my left) and we were facing Dad. He’s sitting in front of us alone. I don’t really know why my brother and his family were not there; maybe because Mom’s not really worried about them and she thinks they’re safe?

Anyway, we were supposed to go to church after eating but my Dad was like, Uh oh. I need to be somewhere after this. Hearing this thought in our heads, my Mom suddenly went beside my Dad, yelling: Oh, no, you can’t! If you try to abandon your family you’re gonna have to answer to me! I was shocked by what she said, but I found myself laughing so hard at my Dad. My sister, on the other hand, was just quiet. I was ecstatic. Like, finally, someone is standing up for us. End of the dream.

What does it mean? Is that really what my Mom thinks of our current situation? Or is it just my underlying emotions; reminding me how disgusted and angry I am for what my Dad is doing?

I wish I can figure it out.







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