16th October, 2013. 4:22pm


I was supposed to publish this early this morning before I went to bed but I f*cked up and hit Cancel so here I am, writing it again and trying to remember everything I’ve said prior to messing up. Anyway, so yeah, I started reading this before I went to bed. I was supposed to start on Through the Looking Glass but was too lazy to open the internet plus, I’m charging my phone so I picked this up instead. I love Chicken Soup versions and I realized that while reading the first five chapters of the book, this could just be the exact book that I need. I’ve been wanting to start writing a story (I’d like to call it a story instead of a book or novel as I have no idea where it will lead me) and though I have a couple of stories in mind already (I’ve actually started writing chapter plots for one particular story), I could never really put myself to actually start working on it. Maybe after this, I will actually have the guts to put those thoughts into words and just start telling my tale. Who knows? Maybe it will help me go somewhere… whatever that means.

Daniel DMed me a few hours ago, btw. He was asking if I could do show notes for tonight’s full discussion of Once Upon a Time’s Quite a Common Fairy. I said Heck, yeah of course! I have been waiting for this chance since I started working for OncePodcast and now, my chance to stretch my skills and lessen my limitations has finally come to life. I really wanted to try doing show notes taking real time. I hope I won’t f*cked up later. Wish me luck. Oh, and don’t forget to join in the full discussion later at noodle.mx/live at 8pm EST.





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