15th October, 2013. 6:52pm

I don’t get why people are making such a big fuzz about the Mulan-Aurora scene in Once Upon a Time’s Quite a Common Fairy episode. I mean, I don’t have anything against it, if Mulan turned out to have fallen in love with Aurora, but somehow, it seems like K&H did that only to please the LGBT fans of the show and to stray people away from the SwanQueen shipping. To be honest, I ship SwanQueen but not in the romantic kinda way, although that is really what shipping is for. It just doesn’t seem sincere; the Mulan-Aurora pairing, that is.


I still can’t figure out the first rune in Rumple’s magical closet. I’ve been wracking my brain, asking questions to friends who can read runes, and searching on the internet but still can’t find the correct rune. Ugh. I really hope I can find answers before the day ends.





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