15th October, 2013. 1:49am

Wow. I wasn’t able to blog yesterday. I was sooooo busy with finishing my Wonderland article and my other job that I practically don’t have the time to blog.

Anyway, yes, I did write the article for OncePodcast.com’s Once Upon a Time in Wonderland pilot episode, Down The Rabbit Hole. It was so annoying that it took me 3 freaking hours to write the article because my laptop gets too f*cking slow every hour or two. It’s so annoying! But despite that, I am contented with what I wrote. Now, if Daniel would just let me do the show notes on Wednesday’s Quite a Common Fairy full discussion. I really want to experience taking show notes live. I know I’m ready for that. Even if it seems challenging, I know I can do it. And faster than I’m doing so far. That Quite a Common Fairy initial reaction article took me only an hour (listening and writing) so I know I am ready for live shownotes taking.

I woke up last night with a slight headache. I’m sure it was coz I was still too sleepy when I dragged myself to shower. I woke up at almost noon, btw. That’s why I wasn’t able to start writing WL004 until about past 3; I let my headache kinda simmer down before I started working on it.

I finally read Princess Lea, the book written by Yvette Fernandez about Lea Salonga. It was short, too short actually, but was fun to read. Now, this could really be one of my gifts for kids this Christmas. Ha ha!





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