10th October, 2013. 2:19pm

Just sharing everyone my birthday (cup)cake. It’s not the blue star, though, like I’ve expected; nevertheless, I’VE GOT WHAT I WANTED, which makes me one, happy, birthday girl. Yay! 🙂


And of course, this day would never end without me channeling my inner Emma Swan. Yes, I’m still waiting for someone to come and tell me I’m Snow White and Charming’s long-lost daughter, too! Ha ha ha!


On a more serious note, I’ve been asked by many as to what my birthday wish(es) is. To be honest, I could think of a lot of things to wish for my birthday but there is only one thing that keeps popping in my mind – PEACE OF MIND. It’s just that, the past few years have been really challenging for me and, I feel like I need a serious time out of these stressful situations and annoying people. On the other hand, I’m also thankful to have finally realize who truly cares for me and remembers my special day even without the Social Media reminding them. I’m so glad I turned the birthday alert off my Facebook.

I’m also happy that, for the last two days, my Mommy appeared in my dreams. It makes me feel like she’s still there, watching from above.

A lot of people wished for me to finally meet my own one true love… to finally find someone I can settle in for good with. It’s a gracious thought, but I can’t wish it for myself; I believe that when we finally meet, I would know.

Happy birthday to those who are celebrating their birthdays today as well.





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