09th October, 2013. 12:21pm

I had a dream last night and it’s not good. It’s not the scary, horror kind of dream, but it’s definitely not good.

In my dream I was in my bed, sleeping, when my Dad suddenly woke me. I don’t really know why; I must have done something or he’s waking me because I need to go to work, which is so ironic because I work at home. Anyway, he was really angry at me. I already forgot what happened next but the only thing I remember was what he said:

“I don’t care that your Mom died.”

“If you hurt my kid I’ll kill you.”

“My eyes are on you.”

“I’m just waiting for you and your sister to leave.”

Those were his exact words. Hearing this, I didn’t really care about myself; I’m more worried about my sister’s sake. I swear, if they hurt my sister, I will make them pay.

I also had another dream last night, and my Mom is there… again. We were at the hospital and I was sick but was about to be discharge (well, at least I thought it was me). As we were leaving, I accidentally pressed the Emergency button so the nurses come rushing past me to the room we just vacated. I handed the form to my Mom and waited outside, letting her deal with the chaos inside the hospital.

She did not came out of the hospital. I don’t know what happen but the next thing I knew, I was in a town and two, possibly more, men were after me. I was running, and at some point flying, until someone ushered me to a hiding place. I escaped. But then I turned around and there was a couple making out so I went outside as quickly as possible and head to nowhere. End of story.

I’m hungry. Might as well get something to eat already.





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