09th October, 2013. 11:05pm

I finished early today. Thank God I worked early. I’m glad I have a few hours to spare for my reading time.

I’m kinda disappointed that my theories weren’t included in today’s Full Discussion. I still believe that my theories are on the right path. I still don’t know if I’ll be the one to do show notes for Wonderland’s premier tomorrow, but I hope I’ll get to do it. It’s kinda annoying that I’m not getting confirmations, but whatever. I guess I’ll know the answer once I logged on to the website.

People are greeting me as early as now. I’m glad I didn’t set an alert on Facebook regarding my birthday, coz it’s giving me an idea as to who really knows my birthday and who truly cares. I don’t mind though. Maybe they’re just too busy.

I really hope my money would reflect on my account by Saturday. I cannot not have money by the weekend. I think I’ll be extremely sad and panicky if I didn’t get to withdraw my money when I leave for Legends Encore. 😦







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