06th October, 2013. 11:03pm

I finished early today. Way too early, actually. I just did the last six articles then publish it along with the ten ones I did last Friday. It’s Sunday anyway and besides, John hasn’t paid yet.

I called the bank as well and asked if Paypal really is communicating with them already. Ms. Jen said yes but she also mentioned that they only contacted them last Friday. What a douchies! I’ve been bugging them about this but they already decided to do something about it last Friday?! What the fuck?!

I looooooove Once Upon A Time’s second episode of season three Lost Girl shown today. And I was right! Well, KINDA right. It wasn’t that she needed to accept that she was Henry’s mother nor the Savior. Her biggest issue is her parents. Apparently, she needs to accept that she was abandoned; an orphan, just like The Lost Boys. Emma was, is, a Lost Girl. But I think that aside from her abandonment issues, she needs to sort her problems out first towards her parents and Charming getting hit would probably be the key for Emma to come to terms with her parents. I think there’s really a great chance that by the time we reach the 11th episode of the third season, Emma will finally accept who she really is and will start calling Snow and Charming Mom and Dad.

Oh and uh, one more thing: Peter Pan is sooooooo cute. That mischievous look is sooooooooo hot! 🙂

I thought I could finally test out for real-time podcast show notes taking but Daniel did not reply to my email last Friday. I actually did try taking down notes and was surprised I was done 6mins after the podcast was over. I really wish I could do Wonderland. After today’s episode, I know I am ready to do this.

I also plan to do some research on Alice in Wonderland so I can relate to the story and theories better.

Oh, I hate having a dry throat. It’s actually phlegmy and I hate it. I think this is just viral but I did take antibiotics already just to prevent it from turning into sore throat. I really hope my throat goes back to normal already. 😦




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