06th October, 2013. 10:33am

I’m alone again.

The kids just went home about 50 minutes ago and although I’m glad to have my privacy back, I already miss them. I still feel kinda sleepy even though I was able to sleep some more earlier. I really hope I can start writing as soon as possible so I can work on OncePodcast early.

My throat is getting better. Although it’s still a bit itchy, it’s better than last night. I took pills already to prevent it from hurting. Having a weak throat sucks!

I checked OncePodcast this morning. Daniel already published my first article about the Wonderland podcast episode 2. I really want to go edit my own work but I don’t want to touch anything without his permission. I wanna fix my article, like badly. Hopefully he’ll let me do the initial reaction for the Lost Girl. I really want to test myself in this. I know I can do this. I CAN DO THIS. I must.







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