30th September, 2013. 11:38pm

   Today I’m starting a mini-journal that I’m hoping I could keep doing. I got the idea from the book Brain of Fire by Susannah Cahalan, which I am currently reading. It was sort of a memoir of her days when she got sick. I don’t really want to delve into the story and I’m honestly feeling lazy to tell you more of its synopsis so just f*cking read it by following this link.

   Anyway, so yeah. This isn’t a journal about what will happen in my everyday life, but just more like about things that pop in my mind; like brain farts. Like right now. I don’t know why the hell Jessie J’s Nobody’s Perfect is on a repeat mode in my mind. It’s so weird because I’m also currently thinking about wanting to watch Once Upon A Time‘s season 3 premier episode, The Heart of the Truest Believer again… for the fifth time. God, I love Once Upon A Time!

   Oh and uhm, I’m also thinking about Paypal. I haven’t got my money!!! It’s been almost two f*cking weeks and it’s infuriating me. It’s annoying because I’ve got bills to pay and I can’t to do it because my salary is out there, somewhere. F*cking Paypal. I just want my money. )=

   … Which made me think about Dad. That man seriously thinks I’m a f*cking atm! I know it’s against the ten commandments to dishonor my father but I just can’t help it. I hate what he’s doing. It’s infuriatingly annoying! Wait, wtf? I can’t believe I spent a minute checking that word “infuriating” on my dictionary. I’m not even sure “infuriatingly annoying” is correct. Shit. And here I call myself a writer. What a shame. Oh well.

   Wow. Well, look at that. I didn’t realize I have already written a couple of paragraphs until I scrolled it up. Anyway, I better get back to my reading before the time strikes midnight. Bye.

Oh, shit. Another thought….

Wait, what am I supposed to write about? The barking dog distracted me, which made the thought slipped through my mind. Oh well. Whatev.

Oh yeah, there. I think Charming and Hook are soooooooooo… charming. I love them both. No wait, that’s not it.

Oh for god’s sake forget it! I’m gonna go read my book now. KTHXBYE.